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Erika Lawal

Erika Lawal

No two people follow the same path. Therefore, while grounded in clear theoretical principles, Erika’s work with each person is different, shaped by the needs and capacity of the individual working. Where it is possible, Erika seeks to help the individual integrate all parts of him or herself, to regain a sense of aliveness and “right” presence in the world. Each person uses the method or methods best suited to them, including gestalt and work with the body, as well cognitive-behavioural therapy, TRE and more traditional psycho-dynamic work from Object Relations and Jungian perspectives.

Erika’s own background makes her very aware of the ways in which counselling and psychotherapy can be an agent for the re-experiencing of past hurts and injustices in a negative way. She is therefore keen to practise in the context of a real world outside the therapy room, and welcomes work with women, Black people, lesbians and gay men.

In a addition to practising as a UKCP registered psychotherapist and counsellor, Erika continues to work with the corporate, public and voluntary sectors, providing organisational training, support and consultancy.

Accrediting body: UKCP