Anger Management

  • Do other people tell you you’ve said things during an argument that you have no personal recollection of?
  • Do you feel like you go from 0-60mph when you get angry, with no “brakes” available to manage your feelings or behaviour?
  • Do you experience bodily changes e.g increased heart rate, clenched fists, headache, aching muscles just before, during or after an argument?
  • Do you feel sorry, ashamed or apologetic after an outburst of anger?
  • Has your anger contributed to the breakdown of a personal or professional relationship?
  • Are others scared of you when you’re angry?

Everyone gets angry sometimes – it’s a natural response to life’s frustrations and irritations and indicative of being a normally functioning human being. However, if you answered “Yes” to 2 or more of these questions, it suggests that your anger may be damaging your relationships with other people and therefore the quality of your own life. If that’s the case, you might be able to use some help in managing that anger.

Anger Management Training – What is it?

Anger management training does exactly what it says on the tin – it teaches you how to manage your anger so that you experience it in healthy proportions, in appropriate settings and without damaging yourself or others. Anger management training doesn’t attempt to take anger away from you – we all need this emotion – but it does allow you to experience that anger without it overpowering you.

It does this by;

–    alerting you to the triggers and sources for your anger.

–    helping you understand what is going on underneath the anger.

–    providing techniques for managing emotion when it is triggered.

–    providing behavioural strategies other than anger for dealing with problems when encountered.

A great deal of anger management is conducted in groups. This method of training has evolved in part because it is extremely effective in providing the support that is needed to help sufferers understand their problem from the perspective of others, at the same time as providing a safe place in which to make discoveries and practice new techniques with others facing the same challenges.

However, many individuals don’t initially  feel ready to discuss their anger in the company of a bunch of strangers.  This reluctance to participate in a group shouldn’t be a bar to getting help, as anger management training is also available in 1:1 sessions with a trainer or counsellor.

At The Therapy Hour, we are able to offer anger management training individually or in groups, both online and offline.  Groups will never be smaller than 3 or larger than 6 in number, so you’ll never feel over-exposed or lost in one of our groups. If you live in Kent, you can come along in person to one of our groups, but if you live further afield, you can work in an online group via audio/video conferencing. You can also work 1:1 with our therapists, or take an online course and work at your own pace.

Contact us to find out to to make being angry safe again.