Parental Coaching / Family Therapy

  • Do you feel as though your child or teen has all the power in your relationship?
  • Do you find it difficult to say “No” and stick with it?
  • Is every interaction with your child or teen a battle?
  • Do you end every day exhausted by the struggle to meet the obligations of being a parent?

parent coachingParenting in the 21st century is tough. With the expectations and aspirations of children and adolescents higher than they’ve ever been before, it’s hard to be a parent without feeling you’re failing in some way. Too much discipline, too little – why does it all seem so much more complicated than when YOU were the child?

There are times when you lose your way as a parent, and that’s where The Therapy Hour steps in.

Parenting Coaching

When you’re working with The Therapy Hour, your personal coach is never more than a call, email or chat session away.

Little Johnny is fighting you on every conceivable issue?

No problem.

You’ll work with your parenting coach to look at what’s going on in the relationship between you, Johnny and other members of your family, you’ll analyse the dialogue that takes place, you’ll look at strategies for change, language, rewards, sanctions, building trust and understanding you own response.

Your coach will be with you every step of the way, helping you test and refine your strategy, rationalise and move on from set-backs and of course, celebrate success!

Bookings are flexible, so if you’re having a rough time and need some input quickly, just use our super-simple online booking form and get the help you need without having to wait days or weeks for an appointment.

Regain the confidence you need in order to parent effectively. We’re here to help! Contact us or complete our assessment form

Family Therapy

If your children are older, or you recognise that there are wider problems to be addressed, you may find it more useful to undertake a course of family therapy. Our trained therapists can help your family negotiate thorny problems such as:

  • breakdown of communication
  • anger issues
  • addiction
  • illness
  • loss or bereavement

Using video, chat or telephone conferencing, all members of your family can work with our family therapists together to get back to a state of trust and peaceful co-existence. To get started, contact us or complete our assessment form here