First Session?

Thank you for your booking. You should have received email confirmation for your appointment. If this doesn’t arrive within the next hour, please contact us.

If you’ve just booked your first session with us, it’s a good idea to ensure you’ve got as much set up ahead of time as possible. Here are a few things to check:

  • If you’ve booked an audio (PC-to-PC) chat session, are your microphone and speakers working? If you’ve booked a video chat session, are your microphone, speakers and webcam working?
  • If you’ve booked a video, audio or instant messaging chat session, but have not provided us with a messaging username, we’ll assume that you don’t have or don’t want to use a downloaded messaging program, and will send you an email invitation with a link to our web-based messaging program 5 minutes before your session is due to start. To connect to the program, just click on or copy the link to your web browser and if necessary, enter the password that is included in your invitation.

  • If you’ve booked a face-to-face session, we’ll send you directions to your consultation location at least 24 hours before your session is due. If you have not received directions by this time, please contact us.

  • If you’re using any downloaded messenger program other than Skype, your chat will be unencrypted and therefore potentially accessible by others. To encrypt these programs, we recommend you use SimpLite, a free encryption application.

  • To ensure that the content of any emails sent to us remains private, sign up with an encrypted mail service – we use Safe-Mail and Hushmail, both of which are free.

  • When it’s time for your session, look out for our username in your elected messaging program – it will be “The Therapy Hour” 0r “thetherapyhour”.

We hope and trust that your first experience of sessions with The Therapy Hour will prove beneficial. There are often minor teething problems associated with participating in something you’re unfamiliar with. We want to help you get over those as quickly as possible so that we can get down to the real work – providing the psychological assistance that you’re seeking.